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so this blog sux


omg i’m crying i had a dream that bruno mars went to the southside irish parade and he was on the news because he commuted there lol and so naturally i saw that and went down there and then i was walking in front of him for a long time and trying to ~impress him but it wasn’t working lol so eventually i just turned around and talked to him and he was so sweet but i didn’t end up getting a pic before he left so i was sad but then he popped up again so i asked him for a pic and he said yeah and it was beautiful and then i gave him a hug and he was so warm and cuddly oh my god and then we dispersed again but he was singing and letting a group of people sing with him so i went up there and we were singing his song all about you and eventually everyone else in the group shut up and it was just me and him singing and then we both forgot the words at the same verse and we laughed omg¬†

lbr no matter how hard i try i don’t think i’m ever going to be happy


i seem to have gotten my hopes up womp gonna go cry myself to sleep now

march 5th

lol i was talking to kevin on fb chat and we were talking about the whole tim situation and idk how it happened but i pretty much got him to tell me that he still has feelings for me i mean he didn’t directly say it but he was saying everything else to avoid saying it and it just made me lol so much oh man i love that kid idec

march 2nd

tim pretty much doesn’t want me in his life and doesn’t want to talk to me anymore to spare him the ~heartache and to avoid whatever the fuck he felt during his senior year with stacey and i’m so ungodly angry and hurt over this like i didn’t do anything i shouldn’t be punished for how he handles things idek i considered him a good friend but the fact that he would rather just leave me out in the cold than try to work on his emotions or w/e just really hurts me

it sucks because i just feel like ever since i’ve been involved with this group of friends i’ve just either created drama somehow or been involved in it this is the worst I JUST WANT TO BE A PART OF A NORMAL GROUP OF FRIENDS GOD DAMMIT

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